Grade 9 Info

grade 9 info


Best case scenario you take an active role in planning your future- really think about the kind of work and activities that you like to do, and you’re good at. Research jobs you’ve heard of, then research jobs you’ve never heard of.  What does a glazier’s day look like, how much money do arborists make, what skills do industrial millwrights need?  And then you choose the classroom projects/ experiences that help you get used to working with your hands.  If you are given the option, build a 3D model of a medieval times village for history class.  Do the hair and makeup for Elizabethan England. And take a shop class!  Our shop classes need more girls, and they offer practical life skills for everyone. 


Many of our shop teachers are licensed tradespeople themselves, and are wonderful and willing in-house specialists.  Find out how to change a tire, how to build a table, how to make your own food. By the time you get to grade 11 and it’s time for co-op you will already have the knowledge about the kind of work you enjoy and then you get to choose the type of placement.


ProTip: You know yourself best- how you learn, what you like, where you are strong, and what areas need work.  I want you to trust that self-knowledge: if you know already that you are someone who likes variety in your day, problem solving, creativity, and using your hands to fix things- then you’re my people. 


Action Item: Talk to your guidance counselor. Do your research. Know your strengths.