Turn Your Coop Into an Apprenticeship

Turn Your Coop Into an Apprenticeship
Posted on 01/07/2022

On Wednesday, December 8, SMCDSB and SCDSB co-hosted a  Turn Your Coop Into an Apprenticeship livestream event.  OYAP coordinators from both boards were delighted to speak with OYAP employer Brian Westermann {Brian's Little Electric, Barrie ON} and OYAP graduate 309A apprentice Kareem Greene-Blake {Brian's Little Electric, Barrie ON} about the benefits of students starting their apprenticeships in high school through the cooperative education programs offered throughout Simcoe and Muskoka. Local skilled trades are hiring, and each year over 150 students in Simcoe County and Muskoka are registered as apprentices as a result of their high school co-op placement. This is an important head start in your child's apprenticeship with some of these students becoming licensed in their trade early in their career. Watch the recording to discover:

  • OYAP program overview
  • Pro-Tips
  • Why start your apprenticeship in high school?
  • School board contact information.