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Ok, you’ve done your research and made some connections.  Now it’s time for real world experience in a skilled trades coop. Are you 16 years of age? Have 16 credits? 


When you are in a skilled trades coop, you are considered an OYAP participant. There’s paperwork for that.  It’s important that you and your parents/ guardians complete and return section 1 of this paperwork to your coop teacher, as it’s the first step in creating your record of experience with the Ministry of Labour Training and Skills Development.  Be sure to ask your coop teacher for your OYAP ID card, which must be carried on job sites. As an OYAP participant, a student may have the opportunity to become an apprentice, with a registered training agreement, while attending secondary school.


Apprentices are required to work so many ‘on the job’ hours for certification, so learn how to keep good track of your coop hours. And be sure to make the most of your time in the work place- ask your coop supervisor and coworkers about their journey to the trades.  What tools are most in use? What’s the best part of their day? What is the trade code? Practice speaking in the language of the trade, that shows your boss you are eager to learn and advance in the trade.


One of the intentions of cooperative education is to help students develop themselves professionally- to show up on time, be willing to listen, put down the phone, and come to work with required tools and safety equipment.

Pro tip: You must be 16 to be OYAP eligible, so speak with your guidance counselor regarding your birthday, and the best semester for you to take coop.

Action Item: Talk to your guidance counselor. Take co-op.  Enrol in an SHSM program.