Grade 10 Info

grade 10 info


One year into high school, you’ve got a far better idea of what course offerings are available to best suit your learning style.  Keep honing your hands on skills with more shop classes. Take full advantage of your careers class and Xello, our career exploration tool.  Try the matchmaker quizzes.  This is an ideal year to decide what type of trade(s) you’d like to explore- far better you make this decision than others make it for you. Where are the trade schools that offer apprenticeship training for this trade? Do a ‘deeper dive’ into trades specializations i.e. if you want to be a welder, what type of welder would you like to be? 


Communicating with adults is an important life skill- think of it as interview practice. It can be intimidating to start these conversations, but if you present yourself as trades focused and determined you will be just fine.  Do you know any friends and family in the trades? What’s their advice? Be sure to introduce yourself to the coop teachers.  Coop teachers are an important relationship in your apprenticeship journey, and many have years of experience with community placements.  Where do they recommend you look? What are their tips for best success?

Pro Tip:  Consider bundling your courses, experiences and certifications to maximize your high school experience.  Find out what SHSMs your school offers.  Next year, could you take woodshop/ take coop with a roofer/ enrol in a construction SHSM?  Does your school offer an apprenticeship math course next year? 

Action Item: Talk to your guidance counselor. Take shop. Get to know the coop department.